Bloodline- BLOODLINE

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Bloodline- BLOODLINE: Club Edition- CD- 1994-
- EMI Records/EMI Manufacturing (USA)/Capitol-EMI Music- D 105894 Mfd. for BMG Marketing, Inc.- 300 grn
Three out of the five members of BLOODLINE are the offspring of musical legends. Drummer ERIN DAVIS is the son of Miles Davis, WAYLON KRIEGER is former Doors-man Robby Krieger's son and BERRY OAKLEY, JR. is the child of the late Allman Brothers bassist. BLOODLINE's lead guitarist, JOE BONAMASSA, may not be the progeny of a legend, but he is certainly the prodigy of this group. His rocking guitar on this album practically overwhelms the other members of the group, who are all fine musicians. Another excellent rocker, Warren Haynes, makes a guest appearance on slide guitar. Unfortunately, none of the members of the group, including Bonamassa, are a major threat in the songwriting department. The songs are forgettable and, regrettably, great musicianship cannot save run-of-the-mill songs.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Black Tray Includes 8-Page Foldout Leaflet.
Replica From Original USA Edition.
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