Modern Talking – Alone - The 8th Album

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  • 12 мая 2019, номер: 8035
Музыкальный жанр: Поп 


Фирменный диск производства Германии.
Modern Talking – Alone - The 8th Album
1 You Are Not Alone
2 Sexy, Sexy Lover
3 I Can't Give You More
4 Just Close Your Eyes
5 Don't Let Me Go
6 I'm So Much In Love
7 Rouge Et Noir
8 All I Have
9 Can't Get Enough
10 Love Is Like A Rainbow
11 How You Mend A Broken Heart
12 It Hurts So Good
13 I'll Never Give You Up
14 Don't Let Me Down
15 Taxi Girl
16 For Always And Ever
17 Space Mix (The Ultimate Nonstop Mix)
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