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Paul McCartney And Wings- RED ROSE SPEEDWAY: THE COMPLETE WORKS- 2CD & DVD- 1973/2005-
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RED ROSE SPEEDWAY is the second studio album by the English-American rock band Wings, although credited to Paul McCartney And Wings. It was released through Apple Records on 5th May 1973. By including McCartney's name in the artist credit, the album broke with the tradition of Wings' previous records. The change was made in the belief that the public's unfamiliarity with the band had been responsible for the weak commercial performance of the group's 1971 debut album Wild Life. Originally planned as a double album, it was condensed into a single LP at the request of EMI. The company believed that the material was not of a sufficiently high standard and were mindful of the modest sales of Wild Life. RED ROSE SPEEDWAY although a commercial success, the album was given a mixed response by music critics, with several reviewers considering the songs to be inconsequential and mediocre. Decades later, it continues to receive mixed reviews. The album was reissued in 1987 and 1993 with bonus tracks and remastered in 2018 as part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection.
CD1 - RED ROSE SPEEDWAY Original Album;
PERSONNEL: Paul McCartney – lead vocals, bass, piano, guitars, electric piano, Mellotron, celeste, Moog synthesizer, ocarina; Linda McCartney – vocals, piano, organ, electric piano, electric harpsichord, percussion; Denny Laine – vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica; Henry McCullough – lead guitars, backing vocals, percussion; Denny Seiwell – drums, percussion; David Spinozza, Hugh McCracken – guitar.
RED ROSE SPEEDWAY: THE COMPLETE WORKS includes 2CD and 1DVD. The original 9-track album on the first disc with three bonus tracks, The Alternate Red Rose Speedway album version on a second disc and DVD includes music videos, the James Paul McCartney TV Show. All right, he's made a record with his wife and a record with his pickup band where democracy is allegedly the conceit even if it never sounds that way, so he returns to a solo effort, making the most disjointed album he ever cut. There's a certain fascination to its fragmented nature, not just because it's decidedly on the softer side of things, but because his desire for homegrown eccentricity has been fused with his inclination for bombastic art rock à la Abbey Road. Consequently, RED ROSE SPEEDWAY winds up being a really strange record, one that veers toward the schmaltzy, yet is thoroughly twisted in its own desire toward domestic art. As a result, this is every bit as insular as the lo-fi records of the early '90s, but considerably more artful, since it was, after all, designed by one of the great pop composers of the century. Yes, the greatest songs here are slight - "Big Barn Bed", "One More Kiss" and "When The Night" - but this is a deliberately slight record. Work your way into the inner circle, and McCartney's little flourishes are intoxicating - not just the melodies, but the facile production and offhand invention. If these are miniscule steps forward, consider this: if Brian Wilson can be praised for his half-assed ideas and execution, then why not McCartney, who has more character here than the Beach Boys? Truthfully.
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