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Thin Lizzy- WHISKEY IN THE JAR- CD- 1994/1998- Spectrum Music- 731455208528- 300 grn
It was the title track of this album (an insouciant heavy metal reading of the traditional folk sing along) that originally brought Thin Lizzy to the attention of an audience beyond their homeland of Ireland. Strange, as it still surely ranks as one of the most misbegotten cover versions ever recorded - scarcely less plausible a notion than The Chieftains having a lash at "The Boys Are Back In Town". Whatever its merits, the tune served capably as the Trojan horse with which Thin Lizzy snuck the rest of their resolutely macho hard rock into the consciousness of the public at large. Though Phil Lynott was unarguably a charismatic frontman, his slightly laboured rock & roll bad boy shtick has not dated well ("Vagabond Of The Western World", indeed), and Lizzy's sweaty rock also singularly fails to transcend its moment. Pub pop-quiz enthusiasts may do well to note that the keyboards here were played by Joan Armatrading.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Clear Tray Includes Foldout Inlay.
Made In UK.
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