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- A Roman Records/Unison Music Production- 898336001644- 300 grn
JOE PERRY'S MARRY CHRISTMAS is an EP by Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry, released on 2nd December 2014 on Unison Music Group. The album features Johnny Depp playing rhythm guitar on all tracks, and includes four cover songs, which Perry himself prefers to call Holiday songs. If you want to make the holidays rock a little harder, legendary Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is the man to call with this special seasonal EP. JOE PERRY'S MARRY CHRISTMAS is a four-song release that finds the fabled rocker putting his six-string spin on some of his favorite Christmas tunes, steeped in both hard rock and blues. Songs include "White Christmas," "Run Run Rudolph," "Silent Night," and "Santa Claus Is Back In Town."
PERSONNEL: Joe Perry - Lead Vocals, Guitar; Johnny Depp - Rhythm Guitar; Kristle Murden, Linda McCrary - Backing Vocals; Dan Potruch - Drums; Bruce Witkin - Bass, Additional Keys/Strings, Harmony Vocals; Mike Thompson - Keyboards, Sleigh Bells; Ron Dziubla - Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone; Lee Thornburg - Trumpet, Trombone.
The story goes that Joe Perry wanted to do a Christmas album with Aerosmith but the rest of the band didn’t want too. With a bit of spare time, Perry finally entered a studio with some of his friends to record JOE PERRY'S MARRY CHRISTMAS. Four tracks steeped in that Christmassy feeling all backed up with the talents of Joe Perry on guitar. Johnny Depp took part at this project of four very beloved and famous songs dedicated to Christmas. Johnny plays the rhythm guitar. The computerised voice wishing everyone a merry Christmas at the start of ''White Christmas''... It’s not what you expect from a Joe Perry Christmas EP & thankfully it’s not present anywhere else except briefly at the end of the song. Instead what we get is a guitar (unsurprisingly) heavy rendition of one of the most famous Christmas songs. Amazingly Perry is fairly restrained for most of the track. Keeping it true to the original melody that is until the final minute. ''Run Run Rudolph'' has a nice jazzy upbeat style with the added bonus of vocals before ''Silent Night'' delivers a despondent but decent effort. The EP wraps up with an upbeat ''Santa Claus Is Back In Town'', an effort that at least has a party feel about it even if it’s hardly an inspiring listen. JOE PERRY'S MARRY CHRISTMAS has a fun feel about it & it embodies the Christmas spirit. It’s not the most exciting or interesting renditions you’ll ever hear but effort was certainly put in.
Issued In A Cardboard Sleeve And Includes Insert.
Made In The U.S.A.
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