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Various Artists- THE MANY FACES OF BLACK SABBATH: A Journey Through The Inner World Of Black Sabbath-
- 3CD- 2014- Music Brokers- 7798093710571- 500 grn
This imposing compilation offers an interesting analysis of the influence of Black Sabbath on the generations of musicians who followed it. This is not about original versions of Black Sabbath songs. What attracts the attention of the enlightened amateur here is that each of the three CDs approaches the Black Sabbath' thing from a particular and, let's say it, quite relevant angle. The first CD is a collection of songs performed by men who passed through the ranks of Black Sabbath. The selection of songs does not follow any particular rules and there are even two titles from the group Quartz, produced in 1977 by Tony Iommi. The second CD is simpler in concept since it is made up of covers of Black Sabbath classics by a host of more or less famous contemporary groups and even some titles from Ozzy Osbourne’ solo career. The third CD leaves the Black Sabbath' sphere to focus on the legacy, that is to say the heirs of the Sabbath, represented here by a handful of stoner and doom groups who play their own compositions, but with the gravity and the power. This triple cake was compiled by Music Brokers is a Mexican label and was released on 31st October 2014. And in any case, it's something to put in your bag for any Black Sabbath fan looking for new covers or looking for the new generation of heavy metallurgists inspired by the Birmingham combo.
PERSONNEL: Bobby Harrison featuring Tony Iommi, Ronnie James Dio, Quartz, Glenn Hughes, Bedlam featuring Cozy Powell, Axel Rudi Pell featuring Bobby Rondinelli, Ian Gillan, Dave Mustaine featuring Eric Singer, Rick Wakeman, The Move featuring Bev Bevan, Vince Neil & George Lynch, Racer X, Agent Steel, Iced Earth, Forever Say Die, Dofka, Los Natas, Nativo, Horcas & Andrés Giménez, Primal Fear, Steel Prophet, Jag Panzer, Icarus Witch, Order Of Nine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dee Snider & Jason Bonham, Freedom Hawk, Sasquatch, Isaak, Greenleaf, Backwoods Payback, The Socks, Wo Fat, Gozu, Brain Police, Lo Pan, Fudo Myo, Nightstalker, Mother Of God, Southern Whiskey Rebellion.
Black Sabbath is - along with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple - the most important British hard rock band of all time. Black Sabbath built a unique brand that has influenced countless groups since its inception in the late 60s until today. In series THE MANY FACES OF, you will take you into the fantastic and great world of Black Sabbath. Disc One, entitled The Players (And More...) that features musicians who have been part the band. Who else than Tony Iommi, the founding guitarist and the only member who has been in all the band's formations. This disc contains potent versions of three classic Sabbath's songs (''Paranoid'', ''Children Of The Grave'' and ''Hole In The Sky'') by rock stars such as Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), George Lynch (Dokken), Racer X and Agent Steel. Disc Two - titled The Songs - is dedicated to the band's greatest songs. This is just a simple of passion that Black Sabbath generates around the world. And, as a special treat to includes here three classic Ozzy Osbourne's tracks from his solo career (''Mr. Crowley'', ''Crazy Train'' and ''Bark At The Moon''). These, in versions featuring guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen, Dee Snider (from Twisted Sister), Jason Bonham (son of John Bonham from Led Zeppelin) and core fans Forever Say Die. Disc Three - titled The Legacy - features fourteen tracks of stoner rock, the underground music genre that was born from the sound of the original Black Sabbath. So, all the mystique and magic that we all love in hard rock into the XXI century is here.
3CD Set Housed In A Twice Foldout Digipak With Three Transparent Disc-Mounts On The Inside Covers.
Made in Mexico.
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