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Neil Young- OLD WAYS- CD- 1985/2000- Geffen Records/Universal Music Company- 606949070526- 400 grn
OLD WAYS is the 14th studio album by Canadian / American musician and singer-songwriter Neil Young, released on August 12, 1985 on Geffen Records. The country sounds and autobiographical songs of Harvest and Comes A Time returned on this 1985 Geffen CD, with Neil joined by Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Bela Fleck! Neil Young's most dependable route has always been to head for the back roads. Country-flavored releases Harvest, Comes A Time, Harvest Moon, and Silver & Gold are among the most commercially popular titles in a fitful career, which makes OLD WAYS something of a anomaly. Released in 1985 as the mid-title in a misbegotten five-LP stint with Geffen, it failed to exhibit the kind of roughhewn muscle of its more robust country cousins. With Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson making vocal contributions and a mix of longtime Young sidemen and Nashville cats laying down a bed of fiddles, steel guitar, and banjo, it would seem to be cruising right up Music City's main drag of the mid-'80s. But Young being Young, he goes around the bend with "Misfits," which summons an indelible image of space-station astronauts watching reruns of Muhammad Ali fights. It happens to be the most memorable number on OLD WAYS which perhaps explains why those new fans never showed up and the old ones found other things to do for awhile.
PERSONNEL: Neil Young – guitar, banjo-guitar, harmonica, vocals; Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson – guitar, vocals; Rufus Thibodeaux, Gordon Terry – fiddle; Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, dobro; Tim Drummond, Joe Osborn – bass; Karl Himmel – drums; Joe Allen – electric & upright bass; Ralph Mooney – pedal steel guitar; Hargus "Pig" Robbins – piano; Anthony Crawford – mandolin, vocals; Terry McMillan – harmonica, jew's harp; Béla Fleck, Bobby Thompson – banjo; David Kirby, Grant Boatwright, Johnny Christopher, Ray Edenton – guitar; Gove Scrivenor – autoharp; Farrell Morris – percussion; Marty Stuart – mandolin; Carl Gorodetzky – violin; Spooner Oldham – piano.
In 1984, Geffen Records sued Neil Young on the grounds that he had submitted uncharacteristic, uncommercial records to the label. By the time a settlement had been reached, Young had been on the road with a country band called the International Harvesters for over a year and recorded a revamped version of OLD WAYS, a 1982 recording originally rejected by Geffen that was cut in the style of Harvest and Comes A Time, but with a stronger country leaning. Young depends heavily on friends, especially for vocals - Waylon Jennings sings harmony on six out of the ten tracks, and one of the others is a duet with Willie Nelson. Though populated by cowboys and country references, Young's take on the genre is typically idiosyncratic, including a reworked version of his autobiography in "Get Back To The Country," a cover of the 1956 Gogi Grant hit "The Wayward Wind," and the uncategorizable "Misfits," which portrays astronauts watching Muhammad Ali fights on television in space. OLD WAYS is not a great Neil Young album and at the time of its release served to alienate him even further from his audience, but it has its moments.
Housed In A Standard Jewel Case With Clear Tray Includes 8-Page Booklet With Lyrics & Credits.
Made In U.S.A.
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