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Tom Waits- TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Legendary Radio Broadcasts From The 1970s- 3CD- 2015-
- Eat To The Beat Production- 823564660721- 700 grn
This 3 CD set includes radio broadcasts transmitted during this initial period of Tom Waits career, and features complete live performances recorded: in 1975 at the studios of KRQS FM, Minneapolis, featuring just Tom alone at his piano; in December 1976 at Media Sound Studios - another in studio session during which, between numbers, Tom is interviewed by the station presenter; and in 1977, back in the Big Apple at the famous, My Father's Place venue, out on Long Island. Great trilogy of Tom Waits concerts from the 70's. Technically not bootlegs since they were radio broadcasts - a concert from KQRS Minnesota 1975/ a studio performance and interview from KNEW New York 1976/ a concert from WLIR New York 1977 - collected by smaller label Eat To The Beat. Don't let that deter you from buying.Audio on Disc One is okay. Audio quality on Discs Two and Three are very good, if not great. The real keeper though is Disc Three's concert from My Father's Place in New York from 1977. If you have never seen Tom Waits live - and he rarely tours these days - this could be as close as you can get to it.Even though it was still fairly early in his career, it's impressive how much his stage persona, live atmosphere and band chemistry were already in full bloom. The opener sets the tone, a cover of "Standing On The Corner". Here Waits is leading an entourage of gutter bums, leering and catcalling women while accompanied by skanky sax and lewd jazz. There is a version of "Pasties And A G-String" which is slowed down and darker than the original, backed only by bursts of rolling drums and subterranean basslines, he really evokes the feel of an old-time strip show or peep show. In it, he channels the voice of an old stripper named Stella and one of her patrons Frank (could be the same Frank from Frank's Wild Years). You need to hear it to believe it. Oh Stellaaaa... A show-stopper. And then he does an epic encore of "Tom Traubert's Blues" that justifiably brings down the house. Magical stuff. This is the live album Tom Waits fans deserve and have been waiting for, rather than Glitter And Doom or Big Time. If you're looking at this product, you're most likely already a Waits fan, so you don't need the music explained or reviewed. It's Waits, it's live, 'nuff said. All three discs are excellent and this release is an absolute must for all Tom Waits enthusiasts. Get it while current legislation allows and these products are on the open market.
Recorded Live In Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA On 16th December 1975; New York, USA On 8th December 1976; New York, USA On 10th October 1977. Plus Bonus Tracks.
Comes In A Tri-Fold Digipak With Three Transparent Digipak-Disc-Mounts On The Inside Covers.
Made In The U.K.
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