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The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band- HOW I GO: Special Edition- CD- 2011-
- Roadrunner Records/The All Blacks B.V. Loud & Proud Records- 016861772352- 500 grn
HOW I GO is the seventh album american band The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. It was released on 2nd August 2011. Simply put, The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band’s release, HOW I GO, boasts as much balls as any blues/rock album in recent memory. The marquee attraction is, and always will be, Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s guitar playing. Without abandoning any of the blues weaved into Shepherd’s fingers, the forceful The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band doesn’t just straddle the line between blues and rock, it crushes it and forges its own legitimately convincing blues/rock creature. And although the spotlight always finds a way to shine on Shepherd’s lead work, the rhythm section is far more than a mere wingman. The boogie-down masters, bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris “Whipper” Layton, are heavier than ever as they stomp their way through the album. HOW I GO exemplifies their animated virtuosity that calls to mind John Paul Jones and John Bonham – controlled, explosive, and downright groovy. The concentrated heaviness that is found in all tracks, even in the tenderest of songs, on HOW I GO rationalizes The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band’s post among the heavy metal Roadrunner Records roster. The driving spirit is rooted in Shepherd himself, as he never sounds shy. Despite the flash and flamboyancy of his fretboard, Shepherd’s playing continues to mature. He remains tasteful in his solos as they lend to the songs as a whole by diving in and out of emotions. This album is an example of what Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band does best - they make good albums that are full of good songs. HOW I GO is a hard-hitting slice of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s already terrifyingly short legacy.
PERSONNEL: Kenny Wayne Shepherd – lead guitar, vocals; Tommy Shannon, Nathan East, Scott Nelson – bass guitar; Chris "Whipper" Layton – drums; Riley Osbourne – Hammond B3, keyboards; Noah Hunt – lead vocals; Marc Baum, Rich Armstrong, Fil Lorenz - horns; Stephanie Spriull, Pet Hodges - background vocals.
Kenny Wayne Shepherd's first studio album in seven years, and his studio debut for Roadrunner, is a contradiction because he does exactly that, at least musically. He even employs drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon, Stevie Ray Vaughan's old Double Trouble crew, to send a clear message to those alienated by his last studio disc that he has returned to a more rootsy, bluesy, and driving style. That's emphasized on the tough, riff-driven lead cut, and strong covers of The Beatles' "Yer Blues", the Albert King standard "Oh Pretty Woman", and Bessie Smith's "Backwater Blues". While guitars are prominent throughout, it's the ironclad originals, all with instantly memorable hooks, that will remind the once faithful of the good old pre-2004 days. Ballads such as "Show Me The Way Back Home", with its gospel organ and soaring guitar solo, and the Hendrix/Trower vibe of the grinding "Heat Of The Sun," are some of the finest in his catalog. Noah Hunt, who sounds remarkably similar to the Smithereens' Pat DiNizio, sings with sweaty passion and commitment. His performance shows that Shepherd should never have tried to take his own lead vocals. The closing "Strut" gives the guitarist a chance to open up on a Freddie King-styled instrumental with real teeth. Four additional tracks on the Special Edition are well worth the few extra bucks, with the tough, Vaughan-ish shuffle of "Cryin' Shame" and the driving "Butterfly" being particular standouts. This is Kenny Wayne Shepherd's finest, most focused release, and an impressive return to form.
Housed In A Tri Fold Digipak With Transparent Digipak-Disc-Mount On The Inside Cover And Hype Sticker On Front Includes 16-Page Booklet.
Made In The EU.
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