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T.D.F.- RETAIL THERAPY- CD- 11.03.1997- Reprise Records/WEA International Inc./Warner Misic Japan Inc.-
- UPC#9362-46489-2 (WPCR-1100) 4943674110025- 1100 grn
T.D.F. is an acronym for TOTALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY. In T.D.F., Eric Clapton posed as "bandmember" x-sample. It was an ill-disguised attempt at anonymity. Simon Climie (keyboards / synthesizer / producer) and Paul Waller (drum programming) rounded out the “group”. Tony Rich provided some vocals, while B.B. King was sampled on one track. It has never been confirmed that Sheryl Crow participated in the recording sessions. All songs were written and co-produced by Simon Climie and x-sample (Eric Clapton). T.D.F.'s RETAIL THERAPY CD featured trip-hop, techno, R&B and ambient new age music. It was a stark departure from Eric Clapton’s previous body of work and many did not know what to make of it. The full-length RETAIL THERAPY CD grew out of music Eric Clapton and Simon Climie composed for a Giorgio Armani Fashion Show in 1996. Eric Clapton later said RETAIL THERAPY served as “research and development” for his solo album, Pilgrim (1998). Eric Clapton is credited on this quasi-anonimous effort as “x-sample”. So what's with the title here? Does Eric Clapton, lamely disguised as x-sample, seriously believe he can bolster retail with an album of bogus high-tech and Deep Forest-style instrumentals? Minus Simon Climie's synth orchestrations, Clapton's multi-faceted playing would be palatable at the least. But Climie's heavy-handed stabs at contemporary dance make this the funniest and/or saddest superstar bust since Paul McCartney's relatively innocuous Fireman project in '94. RETAIL THERAPY is a misguided, occasionally intriguing, venture into ambient, contemporary instrumental and even drum'n'bass territory by T.D.F., a side project for Eric Clapton and keyboardist Simon Climie. Both musicians sound as if they decided on the concept of the album before actually listening to any electronica, which gives RETAIL THERAPY a weird, canned atmosphere. They also didn't sit down to write full-fledged compositions, they jammed, recording whatever came to their minds - which means, of course, that the record is ambling where it should be provocative and meandering where it should be hypnotic. When the duo strays from atmospherics and works with the buzzing rhythms of drum'n'bass, they are more effective, but RETAIL THERAPY remains a bland, colorless dead alley into electronic music from two musicians who don't comprehend its essence.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Clear Tray Includes 12-Page Foldout Leaflet Plus B/W Japanese Foldout Insert, no OBI-Strip.
Made In Japan.
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