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Various Artists- PHENOMENON: Music From The Motion Picture- CD- 02.07.1996-
- Reprise Records/WEA International Inc.- 093624636021- 400 grn
The PHENOMENON soundtrack is a compilation album by various artists released for Reprise Records, who contributed to the music score of the 1996 American romantic fantasy drama film Phenomenon, starring John Travolta. The soundtrack features performances by international music stars including Eric Clapton, Bryan Ferry and Peter Gabriel, and went on to be a high-selling soundtrack release. The single "Change The World", performed by Eric Clapton, which was released off the album became a global hit and helped to promote the soundtrack's sales figures. "Everyday Is A Winding Road", from Sheryl Crow's 1996 self-titled album, was featured in the film, but not on the soundtrack. PHENOMENON is about the blossoming of human potential, as is Scientology. Star John Travolta is a noted practitioner of the latter; draw your own conclusions about the film's potential for proselytizing. Not surprisingly, its soundtrack doles out one track to scorer Thomas Newman and the rest to "uplifting" modern pop perfectly characterized by Eric Clapton's ubiquitous "Change The World" and Peter Gabriel's once charming "I Have The Touch." If this is human potential, God help us. Designed for adult contemporary listeners, the soundtrack to the John Travolta movie PHENOMENON has a cross-section of singer/songwriters, mellow blues, and synthesized soul-inflected pop. Out of all the contributors (which include such heavy hitters as Peter Gabriel, Bryan Ferry, John Hiatt, J.J. Cale, Taj Mahal, and a duet between Aaron Neville and Robbie Robertson) the standout track is "Change The World," a song Babyface wrote and produced for Eric Clapton. The two musicians work surprisingly well together, creating a laid-back, soulful number that is quietly seductive. Nothing on the album works quite as well, but it is a pleasant listen, if not a particularly memorable one.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Black Tray Includes Six Page Foldout Leaflet.
Made In Germany.
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