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Santana- INNER SECRETS- CD- 1978/1995-
- Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment Inc.- 5099749837126- 400 grn
INNER SECRETS is the tenth studio album by Santana. It was released in 1978 and marks the start of the phase of Santana's career where he moved away from the fusion of Latin, jazz, rock and blues that marked his previous records and began to move towards an album-oriented rock direction.
PERSONNEL: Greg Walker – lead vocals; Devadip Carlos Santana – guitar, backing vocals; Chris Solberg – guitar, backing vocals; Chris Rhyne – keyboards; David Margen – bass; Graham Lear – drums; Armando Peraza – percussion, backing vocals; Raul Rekow – percussion, backing vocals; Pete Escovedo – percussion; Dennis Lambert - clavinet, backing vocals; Mike Boddicker - synthesizer programming.
Once again, Santana would release another highly acclaimed masterpiece done with electrifying merit, pumped-up virtue, high-rocking action and superb greatness in absolute pace when it came out in 1978. What would be another blockbuster hit, INNER SECRETS again found Santana at the top of it’s form—this time fronting a changing line-up; since 1972, Tom Coster had been there right hand man who helped, co-wrote and co-produced for the band right after taking Gregg Rollie’s place, but in the Spring of that year to be replaced with yet two keyboardists, and despite the change, the band remained as magnificent as ever, while Inner Secrets had scored on three hit singles. Beginning with a bright note with the anti-drug opening track Dealer/ Spanish Rose, the stirring track set concludes well on other classic hits, such as the disco-oriented version The Four Tops’ classic One Chain (Don’t Make No Prison), the highly supercharged Move On, there sincere Top 20 version of Stormy, Invitation, Open Invitation, there cover of Buddy Holly’s Well All Right and Wham (although it’s not to be confused with Lonnie Mack’s great 1950’s instrumental rock classic). Hailed as one of there greatest and most mportant achievements, what gives INNER SECRETS its cutting edge is how it is performed with lyrical merriment and enthralling beauty that makes this one a timeless classic. A Gold Record hit in France, Canada, the United States and Great Britain after it’s release, you will find this highly lauded stroke of genius an unforgettable and vigorous listening experience, one which will remain brightly sharp and positively challenging as ever. Make sure you rip a live take on Open Invitation from Viva Santana.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Clear Tray Includes Enclosed 12-Page Booklet.
Made In Austria.
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