Sade, Yello, Therion, Manowar, Nick Cave

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Chris Rea-Auberge-250
Nick Cave-Nocturama-deluxe edition-CD+DVD-USA-350
Leonard Cohen-I;m your man-250
Joe Cocker-Organic-250
Travis-Good feeling-фирма-200
The Offspring – Ixnay On The Hombre-лицензия-80
Joe Cocker-Have a little faith-лицензия-80
Joe Cocker-Civilized man-лицензия-80
Joe Cocker-Across from midnight-лицензия-80
Joe Cocker-One night of sin-лицензия-80
Joe Cocker-Unchain my heart-лицензия-80
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Bayou country-20 bit mastering-60
Phoenix-Cantofabule-1975 - Progressive Rock- Romania---100
Duran-Duran-Future Past -2021---100
Yello-You gotta say yes
Yello-Claro cue si
Yello-Solid pleasure
A-ha-Foot of the mountain
Mariah Carrey-Best-лицензия
Dire straits-Brothers in arms-лицензия
Mark Knopfler-Raggerpickers dream-лицензия
Cassandra Wilson-New Moon daughter-лицензия
Jessica Simpson-In this skin-лицензия
Morcheeba-Big calm
Afterlife-Simplicity two thousand-2CD-60
Anima sound sistem-We strike
Anita O`Day & the Three sounds-Time for two
Atlanta rhythm section-Third annual pipe\A rock and roll alternative
Baby Shambles-The blinding E.P
Barre Philips-Journal violone 2
BB King-Reflections
Blue qyster cult-Secret treaties\Fire of unknown origin
Brain Eno-Another day on Earth
Can-Tago magо
Chick Corea-\Steve Kujala-Voyage
Chick Corea and Garry Barton-Hot opus
Chick Corea\Garry Burton-New crystal silence
Danny Cohen-Dannyland-лицензия Союз-70
Danny Cohen-We;re all gonna die-лицензия Союз OBI-70
Def Leppard-X
Deep Purple-In rock/Power house
Elvis Costello-Wise up ghost
Eric Burdon-Every one of us
Flower kings-Paradox hotel-2CD-лиценз Союз-prog rock-120
Gavin Bryars-The singing of the Titanic
Gavin Bryars-Vita nova
Genesis-Wind & wuthering-Licence Some wax-Special russion edition-75
Guns`n`roses-Appetite for destruction
Groove armada-Goodby country
Hazy dreams-Jimi Hendrix tribute
Invisible opera company of Tibet
Jethro tull-Song from the wood-japan-75
Jethro tull-War child-japan-75
John Lee Hooker-Boom boom-лицензия
Joe Satriany-Strange beautiful music
Jacky Terrason trio-Lover man-Venus rec.-75
Jack Johnson-On and on
Jean Luc Ponty-Upon the wings\More than meets
Jeff Beck group
John Abercrombie-Within a song-ECM-75
Keith Jarrett-Bridge of fight
Keith Jarrett-In the light-2CD-60
Keith Jarrett-Invocations
Keith Jarrett-The Moon and the flame
Kenny Wheeler-The window in the window
Manowar – Louder Than Hell-лицензия-80
Manhattan transfer-Swing
Mеаt loaf-Bat out of hell-лицензия
Paco de Lucia\John McLaughlin-Passion grace and fire
Poison-Flesh and blood
Poison-Open up and say
Rasmus-Dead letters
Rick Wakeman-Journey to the centre of the Earth- CD+DVD-mini LP-70
Rainbow-Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow
Roxette-Have a nice day
Royal hunt-Collision course-лицензия
Royal hunt-Show me how to live
Sarah Brightman-Eden
Santana-Shape shifter
Steve Wai-The story of light
Stranger-rock solid
Sylve Vartan-Sylve\Twiste el chante
Tom Waits-Black rider-лицнзия Universal-120
Therion - Vovin - лицензия-75
Tommy Lee-Never a dull moment
Victoria Tolstoy-Letters to Herbie-ACT-60
Weather report-Misterious traveller
Yes-Big generator-japan-75
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