Alcatrazz- LIVE IN JAPAN: November 10th, 1984

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Alcatrazz- LIVE IN JAPAN: November 10th, 1984- DVD- 2003- EMI Records, Inc.- 5054863795134- 100 grn
Exit Yngwie Malsteen, enter Steve Vai, perhaps the only man alive who could outshred Malmsteen (Though Vinnie Moore, could I think, give him a solid run for his money.) Unfortunately for Alcatrazz even though the Guitar God status didn't suffer, the songwriting did, as there are definitely a few throwaway cuts here. However there are a few real killers as well, so LIVE IN JAPAN is worthwhile overall.
Filmed And Recorded At Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 10th October (Not November) 1984 With Steve Vai On Guitars.
Replica From Original UK Edition.
Housed In A CD-Sized Gatefold Digipak With Clear Tray.
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