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Ian Gillan- GILLAN’S INN- Dual Disc- 2006- Immergent/5.1 Label Group LLC- 676628412022- 500 grn
GILLAN'S INN is an album by Ian Gillan in celebration of his 40 years as a singer. The first release was a DualDisc composed of both a CD-Side and a DVD-Side, which was released on 18th April 2006. The CD featured re-recorded tracks from all eras of Ian Gillan's singing career. The album cover depicts an iconic bar in Buffalo, New York called "The Pink Flamingo", also known as "The Old Pink". This edition includes the new version of Deep Purple's "Demon's Eye", which was only included on the DVD-Side of the DualDisc release. GILLAN'S INN is a relaxed affair and offers up a simple set of rock and roll without pretense or a bloated concept. A nonstop onslaught of guest appearances fills the rooms of GILLAN'S INN. The result is a fourteen-song session that's as much inoffensive fun as it is straight-ahead blues-tinged rock and roll. The DVD is very cool watching some of these great musicians interpreting these Deep Purple tunes and some stuff from Gillan's solo career. The Dual Disc is a hit. The DVD-Side which has the 5.1 surround sound. What of the music? The album very enjoyable overall. The trick for die hard Purple or Gillan fans is not to compare the material to the originals, otherwise you will be disappointed. If you accept that these are new recordings of original songs essentially done with a house band and a host of famous guests, recorded in what seems like a party atmosphere, then you will enjoy the album. Fans will always debate the choice of material, but Ian has missed a chance to really deliver a full retrospective of his career here. The two bootleg videos of Deep Purple with Joe Satriani are here. Overall, its not bad album with some great vocals. There is no one else making such unique music at the age of 60.
PERSONNEL: Joe Satriani, Don Airey, Michael Lee, Janick Gers, Uli Jon Roth, Dean Howard, Michael Lee, Ronnie James Dio, Steve Morse, Johnny Rzeznik, Jeff Healey, Tommy Z, Jon Lord, Vasyl Popadiuk, Howard Wilson, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Tony Iommi, Jerry Augustyniak, Steve Morse, Sim Jones, Robby Takac, Rick McGirr, Michael Lee Jackson, Steve Morris, Jaro Jarosil, Nick Blagona, Mary Jane Russell, Joe Elliott, Ron Davis, Redd Volkaert, Charlie Quill, Mickey Lee Soule.
Gillan rapes and pillages through his back catalogue with a bevvy of big name side-kicks along for the ride. And what a ride it is! What better way to celebrate 40 years in the fickle world of rock'n'roll? Hats off to Mr. Gillan. To celebrate his 40 years in the music industry, Gillan had compiled a list of songs from every corner of his career, and instead of just slapping them together in a compilation, he re-recorded them all. Some of them he used the artists he originally performed the songs with, and with others he had some famous friends drop by to lend a hand. For the most part this works well. The trickiest stuff was what to do with the Deep Purple material, as most of the songs that are here are still played almost every night on tour by the band and man in question. Could he not improve on the originals? That is probably a pertinent point. No matter how you approached it, you were going to have people suggesting it should have been different. How could you ever improve on the original? Either getting Ritchie in to play it could have been the go, or use a live performance of the song in the current day, with Steve Morse really ripping on guitar in that atmosphere. This is pretty close to top shelf stuff. But overall it is a great triumph in recording the wonderful career of one of the greatest voices in the industry. As a compilation that features old songs in a new environment, this is just fantastic.
Housed In Standard Jewel Case With Clear Tray And Hype Sticker On Front And Includes 8-Page Folout Inlay.
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