Frank Sinatra ‎– The Sinatra Touch (Англия, Capitol Records)

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Состояние пластинки: Хорошее 
Состояние конверта: Хорошее 
Формат пластинки: Другой 
Страна производитель: Англия 
Лейбл: Capitol Records 
Код по каталогу: SM 137/142 
Год выпуска пластинки: 1968 
Музыкальный жанр: Джаз 
Регион исполнителя: Зарубежный 
Год выпуска альбома: 1968 
Способ оплаты: Наличные, Приват 24 
Способ доставки: Новая Почта 


Буклет, Limited Edition, Stereo, Black Labels.
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Состояние пластинки: M-/M/M/M/NM/NM
Состояние конверта: NM-
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Список песен:
Record 1 (SM 137)
A1 Lean Baby
A2 Hey, Jealous Lover
A3 From Here To Eternity
A4 Melody Of Love
A5 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
B1 Young At Heart
B2 Learnin' The Blues
B3 (Love Is) The Tender Trap
B4 Close To You
B5 How About You?
Record 2 (SM 138)
C1 All The Way
C2 If I Had You
C3 Three Coins In The Fountain
C4 Swingin' Down The Lane
C5 It Happened In Monterey
D1 Witchcraft
D2 Love And Marriage
D3 (How Little It Matters) How Little We Know
D4 The Girl Next Door
D5 Taking A Chance On Love
Record 3 (SM 139)
E1 The Impatient Years
E2 I Love You
E3 Sunday
E4 Your Love For Me
E5 The Gal That Got Away
F1 South Of The Border
F2 Tell Her You Love Her
F3 I'll Never Be The Same
F4 This Love Of Mine
F5 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
Record 4 (SM 140)
G1 Day By Day
G2 I'm A Fool To Want You
G3 London By Night
G4 To Love And Be Loved
G5 River Stay 'Way From My Door
H1 On The Sunny Side Of The Street
H2 My Blue Heaven
H3 Spring Is Here
H4 Just Friends
H5 I've Heard That Song Before
Record 5 (SM 141)
I1 Mr. Success
I2 Talk To Me
I3 High Hopes
I4 It's Over, It's Over, It's Over
I5 Come Dance With Me
J1 Only The Lonely
J2 Autumn Leaves
J3 Nice 'N' Easy
J4 Memories Of You
J5 Ebb Tide
Record 6 (SM 142)
K1 That Old Feeling
K2 All My Tomorrows
K3 Laura
K4 There Will Never Be Another You
K5 Mam'selle
L1 Come Fly With Me
L2 Try A Little Tenderness
L3 Where Are You?
L4 One For My Baby
L5 Put Your Dreams Away
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