Judas Priest -Reflections - 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music (Red Vinyl)

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Музыкальный жанр: Рок 
Состояние пластинки: Запечатана 
Состояние конверта: Запечатан 
Формат пластинки: 2LP 
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Judas Priest: Reflections - 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music (180g) (Limited Edition) (Red Vinyl)
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50 years of metal in one collection
More than 50 years have passed since the formation of Judas Priest. Reason enough for the British heavy metal pioneers to look back in 2021.
"Reflections - 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music" is the telling title of their new career-spanning best-of collection, available on CD or as a double LP on 180g heavy red vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.
The track listing features 16 songs in total, including remastered studio recordings and live recordings, seven of which have never been released before and have now found their way out of the band's archives for the first time. Included are songs like "Let Us Prey/Call For The Priest," "The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)," "The Ripper" and "Eat Me Alive." The full tracklisting of "Reflections - 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music" can be found below.
The British heavy metal band Judas Priest was founded in Birmingham in 1969. To date, they have released 18 studio albums and, with over 50 million records sold to date, are one of the most successful and influential metal bands of all time. Their leather studded look was style defining, singer Rob Halford's high pitched vocals and dual lead guitars define their sound. Their last album was released in 2018 with "Firepower", which reached the top 5 of the charts in the UK as well as in Germany and the US.
1Let us prey / Call for the priest
2You don't have to be old to be wise
4Eat me alive
5All guns blazing
6Never the heroes
7Dissident aggressor (live)
8Out in the cold (live)
9Running wild (live)
1Victim of changes (live) (May 09, 1978 Cleveland)
2The green manalishi (live)
3Bloodstone (live)
4The ripper (live) (Irvine, July 12, 1991)
5Beyond the realms of death (live)
6The hellion / electric eye (live)
7Sinner (live)
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