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Музыкальный жанр: Рок 
Состояние пластинки: Запечатана 
Состояние конверта: Запечатан 
Формат пластинки: Другой 
Страна производитель: Европа 
Лейбл: Roadrunner Records  


The Soul Remains Insane" is a deluxe collection of Soulfly's first four studio albums and also includes a bonus album of singles, B-sides, rare recordings and several previously unreleased songs. Also included is a book that tells the story of these groundbreaking albums through new interviews with Max Cavalera and includes many previously unreleased photos from the period. The box set will be available as an 8LP vinyl box and 5CD box
Fueled by Max Cavalera's relentless energy, unmistakable growl and instantly recognizable riffs, Soulfly's earthy tones and motivational rhythmic momentum maintain a somber, spiritual heart while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in metal. Nowhere is this more evident than on the four triumphant, redemptive and decisively eclectic works presented in this brand new box set celebrating the first six years of the band's career
"The Soul Remains Insane - The Studio Albums 1998 To 2004" contains the albums "Soulfly", "Primitive", "3", "Prophecy" and "Soulfire" (Bonus LP)
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