Tommy Bolin- TEASER: 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set

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Tommy Bolin- TEASER: 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set-
- 3 Vinyl LPs & 2 Live CD & 12’’ Art Booklet- 18.05.2015- UDR GmbH- 825646172849- 3000 grn
Tommy Bolin – THE DEFINITIVE TEASER biography: HE WAS a shooting star, a fiercely bright, ferociously driven and a guitarist whose soul spoke through his fingers and fretboard. Tommy Bolin. An American axeman of the caliber rarely seen or heard before (or since) his untimely death at the age of 25 on December 4th 1976. A man who allowed the power of funk and the fury of rock to find such finite expression through his inspiration. A man who allowed his emotions to play out through his Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul. A man who saw Elvis when he was a boy and knew that aura, that energy and that desire to express himself in the solitude of the spotlight was also in him. His expression never sounded more fluent than on his 1975 solo album debut Teaser, and UDR Records is proud to present the first true overview of this project and era with the triple vinyl release of Teaser which includes two bonus live CDs. Embracing a tour de force of styles from jazz to hard rock to Latin music, all of which were expressed in a glorious musical stew, Bolin was unable to properly promote the album due to being in Deep Purple.
Limited Edition Box Set. (325 mm x 325 mm x 25 mm).
Made In Germany.
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