Delaney Bramlett- A NEW KIND OF BLUES

100 грн.
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  • 30 апреля 2021, номер: 137308
Музыкальный жанр: Блюз 


Delaney Bramlett- A NEW KIND OF BLUES- CD- 2007- Magnolia Gold Records, Inc.- 094922848659- 100 grn
Actually, with all apologies to Delaney, this CD is not a new kind of Blues, rather it's the same old Blues that D.B. has always done. And this is a good thing. The old cliche goes that you can take the boy out of Mississippi but you can't take Mississippi out of the boy. D.B. proves that adage. The songs are great, the musicians are superb and D.B. still has that soulful voice. Whether you're an old fan or new, give this one a spin. Enjoy.
Replica From Original USA Edition.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Black Tray Includes Foldout Inlay.
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