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John Lee Hooker- JACK O'DIAMONDS: 1949 Recordings- CD- 2004-
- John Lee Hooker Family Limited Partnership/Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.- 5034504127920- 400 grm
The material on JACK O'DIAMONDS recorded in 1949 but NEVER RELEASED at the time. Even at this earliest point in his career, Hooker was tied up in contracts that would see him recording under several aliases in order to make some quick cash. These 20 cuts were recorded at a private gathering in the Detroit dining room of Gene Deitchat, who set up a primitive recording device and let Hooker play. During the course of the evening those present began requesting that he play a few spirituals and folk tunes. It's interesting to hear Hooker bite into such traditional fare as "Two White Horses," "Trouble in Mind," "John Henry," and "Jack o' Diamonds." Since these recordings have been cleaned and remastered, this disc is well worth picking up for Hooker fanatics. Digitally remastered 20-track CD album originally recorded in 1949 but never released due to contractual problems, has sat in the vaults ever since and is now available to hear for the first time. This disc is a perfect compliment to "The Legendary Modern Recordings". Hooker manages to squeeze more heart, soul and pain out of his music than the more polished artists of his era, including Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy, both of whom the utmost respect for. While these aren't the most readily recognizable of John Lee's repertoire (includes several gospel songs and other rarities), it is still a very enjoyable listen. Interesting early 1949 recordings (2 tracks, last 2 are from 1950) Hooker made in Gene Deitch's attic. These recordings slumbered in Deitch's basement in the Czech Republic for 50 years until he accidentally realized their importance. After a grueling back-and-forth between Deitch, Hooker's manager at the time, Mike Kappus, and Hooker himself, Hooker's oldest daughter, Zakiya, had to give in. She mediated shortly before her father's death and made publication possible. You can hear extremely interesting songs, because they are uniquely rare, most of which Hooker later no longer had in his repertoire. In two sessions he interpreted a few gospel songs or his own serenade for his 33rd birthday "33 Blues" in front of applauding guests. Highly recommended, especially because of the good sound quality given the circumstances. You can even hear the crickets chirping in the background... unfortunately here and there people are talking or whispering. As usual, Hooker accompanies himself by stamping the rhythm on a wooden board with the sole of his shoe. There is nothing more...but also nothing less. C'mon John, stamp that foot!
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Clear Tray Includes 8-Page Booklet.
Made In Germany.
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