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- CD & DVD- 2002/2012- Concert ONE Ltd./Track Records- 5060279990100- 500 grn
J.J. Cale would have been 78 if he were still among us. Alas, he moved on in 2013, but he was kind enough to leave a body of work that never gets old, never becomes tired, and still, always informs. Whether one is a budding composer, or an accomplished musician, Cale’s work never fails to yield another lesson, another bit of treasure he put there to be uncovered at just the right time, by the right explorer. Almost like a fly on the wall, we are witness to the young J.J. Cale and Leon Russell, stretching out among friends in Russell’s Paradise Studios in Los Angeles, in June of 1979. In a 21 song set, they are having the time of their lives, and we are left to watch in wonder.
PERSONNEL: J.J. Cale, Leon Russell, Christine Lakeland, Marty Green, Nick Rather, Jimmy Karstein, Bill Boatman, Ambrose Campbell.
Starting with what is titled “T-Bone Shuffle,” but is disputed in some quarters as “Strolling With Bones,” it is quickly apparent precisely how woefully underrated Cale was by the public in general. The tone Cale’s fingers are cajoling from the Frankenstein guitar he is playing, along with the lines themselves, is rugged sonic poetry. Throughout the proceedings, everyone is clearly enjoying themselves. If you like the music of J.J. Cale and you enjoy Leon Russell's unique take on any music he plays, you'll really take to this effort. It basically is like sitting in on a final practice for a studio recording. The band is arrayed in a small circle in Leon Russell's Paradise Studios. Lots of closeups, no crowd noise, pristine clear sound quality... very defined and nuanced... nice. Mr. Russell mostly plays a Hammond B-3 and if you've ever listened to most of J.J. Cale's catalog, you'll know that this instrument is right at home in the instrument mix he chooses for his songs. It adds a distinctly Bluesy element to the sound signature whenever Leon stretches a little bit on a solo. The guy is wearing roller skates, so that might tell you something. The second time through, he sounded better... more "on" than the first time through. The other players are all solid across the board. (Note: these people are still the band that Cale tours with today) There is the occasional clunked note in this session and it's fun to see the reactions go through the band. These people have an easy, comfortable feel with each other and it's great to see.
The Following Session Was Recorded In June 1979 At Leon Russell’s Paradise Studios In Los Angeles, California.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Double Clear Tray Includes Insert.
Made In The USA.
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