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Allman Brothers Band- THE BROADCAST ARCHIVE- 3 CD Box Set- 2017-
- The Broadcast Archive Production- 823564694627- 700 grn
This superb set features FM radio broadcasts recorded during the early years of the band's career. Kicking off with the now-classic recording made at A&R Studios in New York on August 1971, when Brother Duane was still with the group, the broadcast made of this event has become enshrined into legend as the band play a quite magnificent set which has rarely, if ever, been bettered throughout the group's history. The second disc, featuring a show recorded at the Hollywood Bowl about a year later in August '72, remains another classic, albeit sadly one without the esteemed talents of Duane who had passed on following his tragic bike accident the previous October, but one that does feature the guitar skills of Johnny Winter on a couple of cuts. Disc three concludes this set with The Allmans show at Manley Field House in Syracuse, New York, also from 1972, and concludes it in style as this recording, also transmitted across the surrounding area by FM radio, remains another magnificent live appearance from the group while still in the first throes of their lengthy career.
CD1 - Recorded Live At A & R Studios, New York City, NY, August 26, 1971 For A Live WPLJ FM Broadcast.
Previously Released As A & R Studios: New York 26th August 1971 By Leftfield Media, LFMCD522, 2012;
CD2 - Recorded Live At The Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, August 6, 1972.
Previously Released As Hollywood Bowl 1972 By Smokin', SMCD931, 2014;
CD3 - Recorded Live At The Manley Field House, Syracuse, NY, April 7, 1972.
Also Released As Back On The Road - Syracuse Broadcast, April 1972 By Leftfield Media, LFMCD553, 2017.
It began with a Jam. Fresh off a tour with pop star Tommy Roe, Chicago-born bass player Berry Oakley settled down in Sarasota and embedded himself in the local music scene. In the late 1960s he began hosting unrehearsed concerts every Sunday at Willow Branch Park. Free to the public and open to anybody with an instrument, these events gave young musicians from Central Florida an opportunity to play together, share notes, possibly form bands, and of course jam for as long as they liked in whichever directions the music took them. Most weekends Duane Allman, a burnout on the LA rock scene and a lauded session guitarist looking to launch a solo career, would make the four-hour drive from Jacksonville to sit in on these open-air sessions. The two players developed a close friendship and an even closer musical relationship, and Duane eventually invited Oakley to join his as-yet-unnamed band, pairing him with a guy named Johnny Lee Johnson (known far and wide as Jaimoe) to create a flexible and formidable rhythm section. For the first half of the 1970s, The Allman Brothers Band were the most influential rock group in America, redefining rock music and its boundaries. The band's mix of Blues, Country, Jazz, and even Classical influences, and their powerful, extended on-stage jamming altered the standards of concert performance. This compilation celebrates the extraordinary career of The Allman Brothers and features live broadcast recordings from the 70s.
Each CD Comes In Individual Regular Jewel Case Includes Foldout Inlay And All Items Housed In A Two-Side-Closed Cardboard Box.
Made In The U.K.
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