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- JVC Victor International Inc./Eagle Rock Entertainment Limited- 5034504122222- 400 grn
MUDDY WATER BLUES: A TRIBUTE TO MUDDY WATERS is the second solo album by Paul Rodgers, of Free and Bad Company fame, consisting predominantly of covers of songs made famous by blues artist Muddy Waters. Among the tracks covered on the album is the Albert King song "The Hunter", which Paul Rodgers had previously recorded with Free on their debut album Tons Of Sobs. As well as the standard one-disc edition, a limited edition version was also released featuring a bonus disc of re-recordings of Free and Bad Company hits. Paul Rodgers has one of the most distinctive voices in rock music. Seeing Muddy Waters live in London was to be a defining moment in his life and ultimately lead to this tribute album. Originally released in 1993 on the Victor label, and nominated for a Grammy Award that year, MUDDY WATER BLUES: A TRIBUTE TO MUDDY WATERS contains stunning versions of fifteen tracks made famous by Muddy Waters. With a basic band of Paul Rodgers on vocals, Jason Bonham on drums, Pino Palladino on bass and Ian Hatton on rhythm guitar, each track is embellished with a guest lead guitarist. The line up reads like a list Who's Who of rock blues guitarist.
PERSONNEL: Paul Rodgers - lead vocals, nylon guitar, Rhodes guitar, rhythm guitar, Valdez guitar; Ian Hatton - rhythm guitar; Pino Palladino - bass guitar; Jason Bonham - drums; Billy Sherwood - percussion; Trevor Rabin, Brian Setzer, Jeff Beck, Steve Miller, David Gilmour, Slash, Gary Moore, Brian May, Neal Schon, Richie Sambora, Jimi Haun, Buddy Guy - lead guitar; Mark T. Williams - bass drum, brushes; Paul Shaffer, Ronnie Foster - Hammond organ; David Paich - piano, Hammond organ; Jimmie Wood - harmonica; Carmen Carter, Jean McClain, Alexandra Brown - backing vocals.
As the late Free guitarist Paul Kossoff once noted, Paul Podgers is the best white blues singer you'll find. Paul Rodgers backed up the strong statement made by Kossoff way back in the early '70s, and he continues to showcase his talent to this day. Rodgers' soulful vocals are evident throughout MUDDY WATER BLUES: A TRIBUTE TO MUDDY WATERS. In rock 'n' roll, it all comes back to the blues and Muddy Waters was at the forefront of scene. Known as the father of modern Chicago blues, Muddy Waters passed away due to cancer-related illness ten years prior to Paul Rodgers' recording of the blues standards. But his influence carries on. Bookended by the lead-off acoustic take on "Muddy Water Blues" and the closing electric version, the fifteen song tribute set is a spirited show-of-respect. MUDDY WATER BLUES: A TRIBUTE TO MUDDY WATERS is not a return to Waters' electric Chicago blues, but a continuation of the blues-rock of Paul Rodgers' old bands, Free and Bad Company. Taken on those terms, MUDDY WATER BLUES: A TRIBUTE TO MUDDY WATERS works only when Paul Rodgers is matched with a good blues-rock guitarist. Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, and Gary Moore all play well, while Richie Sambora, Neal Schon, and Trevor Rabin all sound a bit lost. The rest, including David Gilmour and Brian May, fall somewhere in between. Together they took the classic blues melodies and rearranged them a little more in the direction of rock. Because of the many guests MUDDY WATER BLUES: A TRIBUTE TO MUDDY WATERS was recorded in different studios. Producer Billy Sherwood, however, managed to adapt the sound of the songs very well. The guest lead guitarists on each track all somehow manage to fit in seamlessly, without cramping their own styles. Paul Rodger's voice is better than ever. Muddy Water Blooozzzeee... raining down Delta beatitude!
Comes In A Regular Jewel Case With Clear Tray Includes Six Page Foldout Inlay.
Made In Germany.
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