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The Rolling Stones- BLUE & LONESOME: Deluxe Edition Box Set- CD- 2016-
- Promotone B.V./Polydor Records/Universal Music Operations Ltd.- 00602557149463- 1900 grn
BLUE & LONESOME is the 23rd British and 25th American studio album by the English rock band The Rolling Stones released on 2nd December 2016. Consisting entirely of blues music, it is the band's first album to feature only cover songs. The album is also their first studio release since 2005's A Bigger Bang, with its eleven-year gap being the longest between two albums from the band. The name of the album is from a song which Little Walter wrote, "Blue And Lonesome". Joining vocalist Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards as producers was Don Was, who had been working with the group for most of the prior two decades. In the studio were band members, alongside contract players. Eric Clapton played guitar on two tracks and drummer Jim Keltner plays percussion on another. The album was certified Gold or Platinum in several countries. It was the final studio album to be released before the death of drummer Charlie Watts in 2021.
PERSONNEL: Mick Jagger – lead vocals, harmonica; Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards – electric guitar; Charlie Watts – drums; Darryl Jones – bass guitar; Chuck Leavell – keyboards; Eric Clapton – slide guitar, lead electric guitar; Matt Clifford – Wurlitzer piano, keyboards, Hammond B3; Jim Keltner – percussion.
The band recorded the album live and with no overdubs in just three days in London. BLUE & LONESOME sees The Rolling Stones tipping their hats to their early days as a blues band when they played the music of Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, Eddie Taylor, Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf - artists whose songs are featured on this album. This album is manifest testament to the purity of their love for making music, and the blues is, for The Stones, the fountainhead of everything they do.
CD - BLUE & LONESOME Original Album;
72 Page Hardback Mini-Book Containing CD, Photos And Text;
5 Glossy 190 mm x 145 mm Photographs Printed On Heavy Stock Contained In Cardboard Envelope/Sleeve.
As Keith Richards tells it, The Rolling Stones' first-ever all-blues album is the result of the band learning how to play in the unfamiliar surroundings of Mark Knopfler's British Grove Studios. To ease into the new place, The Stones decided to knock out a version of Little Walter's "Blue And Lonesome" and it sounded good enough that the band decided to cut a few more covers, winding up with a full album of Chicago blues in a few days. The Stones haven't worked at such swift speed in decades and much of the appeal of BLUE & LONESOME lies in its casualness: by being tossed off, the album highlights how The Stones play together as a band, blending instinct and skill. BLUE & LONESOME isn't a showcase for virtuoso playing, but rather a groove record, emphasizing feel and interplay while never losing sight of the song. Such commitment to song is one of the reasons BLUE & LONESOME winds up as an unexpected triumph from Mick Jagger. A blues album from The Stones always seemed like a dream project for Keith Richards, who always championed the band's blues roots, but it's Jagger who dominates the album, playing searing harp and singing with nuance and power. Always a guarded performer Jagger seems freed, pouring heart into the slow burners and uptempo shuffles alike. The rest of The Stones match his commitment and that's what makes BLUE & LONESOME something remarkable. Conceptually, it's clever but it's artistically satisfying because it's The Rolling Stones allowing themselves to simply lay back and play for sheer enjoyment. It's a rare thing that will likely seem all the more valuable over the years.
Presented In A Hardback Picture Box (200 mm x 155 mm x 50 mm).
On CD: Made In The E.U.; On Rear Of Box: Made In The Czech Republic.
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