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Joe Bonamassa- DIFFERENT SHADES OF BLUE: Limited Edition Deluxe Version- CD- 2014-
- J&R Adventures LLC./Provogue Records/Mascot Music Productions And Publishing B.V.- 819873011200- 700 grn
This album is Joe’s effort to bring the fans an album from scratch, if you will. He wrote and composed all the tracks, with the help of studio companion and producer Kevin Shirley. Joe is able to take the influences he has mastered, and transform them into a fresh and vibrant original work. The album features all the keys to the blues, including a lot of keys, among trumpet, backing harmonies and that suave guitar. “I Gave Up Everything For You, ‘Cept The Blues” is quite the mouthful, and chock full of a jazzy keyboard that drives the track. While “Trouble Town” features the trumpet, and a fun rhythm you can’t help but tap along to. “Oh Beautiful!” changes the place, with a strictly vocal intro, leading up to a killer instrumental to fill the middle ground. “Love Ain’t A Love Song” shows off a little southern flare, with prominent female backing vocals. The track then takes a turn when Joe whips out an out of this world wild and fuzzy space-age solo. The track is propelled by a funky brass section, trumpet and trombone leading the way. The blues wunderkind has set out to create something raw and new, something his fans can grab a hold of, and something he can call it his own. Joe succeeds in composing yet another kickass compilation set to drive the crowd wild. His arsenal is ever growing, and it’s inspiring to see him set his eyes on a new challenge, and better yet, see it shine.
Presented In A 64 Page Hardcover Digibook Includes Extended Artwork.
Made In The EU.
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