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Black Country Communion- BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION 2: Limited Edition Deluxe Version- CD- 2011-
- J&R Adventures Inc./Mascot Music Productions And Publishing B.V.- 8712725734628- 700 grn
Okay, now we're getting there! The first BCC album was good but there was a lot of songs that could have been on a Glenn Hughes solo album and others that were a bit too "jamming" and hurried up. With BCC 2, we get a BAND ALBUM. Songs that neither belong more exclusevily to Hughes or Bonamassa or Bonham but to A BAND, and where we can certainly hear more of the great Sherinian (he was barely there on the debut album). Although the general feel leans more towards a Zep style (apparently that's what Shirley was aiming for while recording the drums), it also features brilliant Deep Purple touches (The Outsider is Burn's little cousin) and bluesy feelings. Glenn singing is more in control (he can sometimes overdue on his solo albums), Bonamassa's playing and singing is great (even if he always sounds to me as a bit of a poor man's Hughes-not so much on this album!), Bonham is heavy and but very groovy. The songs are mostly darker and mid-tempo, the band is tight, the playing precise and intense; the keyboards solos and arrangements are incredibly tasteful. This album confirms to me that the debut BCC was only a blueprint and that the best was yet to come...Well here it is!
Presented In A Deluxe Hardcover Double Foldout Embossed Digipak Includes 16-Page Booklet.
Made In The EU.
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