AC/DC- LIVE ’77: At The Hippodrome Golders Green London

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AC/DC- LIVE ’77: At The Hippodrome Golders Green London- DVD- 2007- ООО «Мега Видео»- 4612457542217- 100 grn
Super DVD for all real AC/DC fans a real must! AC/DC in Hochforn!!...
First of all, the unforgettable unique Bon Scott in top form rock'n'roll at its finest... really recommendable. AC/DC live at the Golders Green Hippodrome In London, England. With Bon Scott, this is AC/DC at one of their best times! Filmed by the BBC on October 27th 1977 for "Sight & Sound In Concert" and broadcast on 29 October 1977. Originally shot on video, the audio used on this DVD was taken from the original video master which was in mono, so the 2.0 mix is not a 'real' stereo mix.
Although issued commercially and only in Japan, this DVD can be considered a semi-official DVD, not authorized by the band or Sony.
Bonus Features: Special TV Appearances Filmed And Recorded Live In Different Locations in Europe And USA.
Filmed And Recorded Live At Golders Green Hippodrome, London On 27th October 1977.
Comes In A Standard Plastic DVD Case With Black Trays.
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