Bob Dylan- THE BROADCAST ARCHIVES: Classic Performances

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Bob Dylan- THE BROADCAST ARCHIVES: Classic Performances- DVD- 2005-
- American Legends Ltd./Archive Media Publishing Ltd.- 823880026522- 100 grn
Bob Dylan The Broadcast Archives is a collection of live performances of the man who changed the face of popular music. No other artist in the history of rock n roll has been revered as much as Bob Dylan who became the voice of a generation in the sixties, Dylan remains one of the most respected and influential musicians to this day. These classic live performances include selections from some of his best-known songs, some of which are performed with guest artistes. These rare performances will delight long term fans, collectors and new comers discovering Dylan for the first time. Live musical performances with guest appearances include: Linda Ronstadt on I'll Remember You, Tom Petty & Willie Nelson on Maggie's Farm, Roger McGuinn and David Crosby on Mr. Tambourine Man, and a star studded line-up including Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on My Back Pages.
Replica From Original EU Edition.
Comes In A Standard Plastic DVD Case With Black Tray.
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