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Chris Rea- (BLUE GUITARS): Super Deluxe earBOOKS Edition – 1DVD & 11CD BOOK SET- 2005-
- Edel Records/earBOOKS- 9783937406329 / ISBN 3-937406-32-8 – 4700 grn
(BLUE GUITARS) is the twenty-first studio album by British singer-songwriter Chris Rea, released on 14th October 2005 by his independent record label Jazzee Blue and Edel Records. The (BLUE GUITARS) album, packaged as a box set in the style of an earBOOKS, consists of eleven CDs, one DVD and a full colour book, including paintings by the artist, liner notes and song lyrics. It is an ambitious project about blues music with the 137 songs recorded over the course of 18 months with a work schedule, according to Rea himself, of twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Initially the project was inspired by Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey and can be called an "odyssey" in its own right, for depicting a journey through the various epochs of blues music, starting at its African origins, then going through various American regional variations, different styles including Celtic & Irish and finishing with modern-time blues from the 1960s and 1970s. It should be considered as Rea's "magnum opus". The earBOOKS album sold over 150,000 copies in Europe, and 170,000 until 2017. Several live exhibitions of the album's artwork paintings were held.
Album One: (Beginnings);
Album Two: (Country Blues);
Album Three: (Louisiana & New Orleans);
Album Four: (Electric Memphis Blues);
Album Five: (Texas Blues);
Album Six: (Chicago Blues);
Album Seven: (Blues Ballads);
Album Eight: (Gospel Soul Blues & Motown);
Album Nine: (Celtic & Irish Blues);
Album Ten: (Latin Blues);
Album Eleven: (60s And 70s);
Album Twelve: (Dancing Down The Stony Road DVD).
PERSONNEL: Chris Rea – acoustic piano, Hammond organ, harmonica, electric guitar, slide guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, bass, drums, percussion, calimba, balafon, vibraphone; Ed Hession – accordion; Robert Ahwai – guitar; Gerry O'Connor – banjo; Sylvin Marc – bass; Martin Ditcham – drums.
Chris Rea released a collection of eleven CDs, a DVD of Dancing Down The Stony Road and a collection of his paintings, plus photographic and written insights into the journey that spanned the creation of this epic release, all bound in a wonderful deluxe book package. The idea was to create an all-encompassing body of artistic work keeping pace with his new-found output and also his desire to approach things in a different and interesting way. Having created the cover of Stony Road and interpreted the cover of The Blue Juke Box the close relationship between his music and his painting was defined. This relationship was clearly leading in one direction, a ground-breaking idea to link the two driving forces in his life. The idea of (BLUE GUITARS) was born. This work includes eleven albums from Chris Rea in one book pack, 137 brand new Chris Rea songs inspired by the blues ranging globally across all his own interpretations of this musical form, songs that Chris believes are some of his best to date. He w had a body of work that would in rmal circumstances have taken a decade to create. Songs that conjured up all his favourite musical influences that had set him off down the road nearly thirty years previously. Instead of releasing all the albums in one go, or over a period of six months or a year, he decided to create something that combines his paintings with his music. Not out of some egocentric tion that his paintings and music would be appreciated in the same way, but simply that they are w inextricably linked.
Each Audio Album And DVD Album Comes In A Individual Cardboard Sleeve Within A 72 Page Hardback Book (285 mm X 285 mm X 20 mm) Including More Than 30 Paintings, Photos, Lyrics And An Interview With Chris Rea.
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