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- 2 CD & DVD- 2011- Warner Music Spain, S.L./Roadrunner Records- 0825646716043- 700 grn
Spanish hard rock & blues guitarist Javier Vargas emulates idol Jeff Beck by making an album with the rock & roll royalty rhythm section of Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert featuring Paul Shortino on vocals, the trio revisits classic rock staples by Deep Purple, AC/DC, Gary Moore, and Cheap Trick, among others. The special edition includes a DVD of the making of the album, and a live CD by the Javier Vargas Blues Band during their 2010 European tour.
CD1-VBA: Featuring Paul Shortino (0825646716050);
CD2- Vargas Blues Band "Live Wire" (0825646716067): Recorded Live During European Tour 2010;
DVD- Videoclips & Sessions In Las Vegas (0825646716050).
PERSONNEL: Paul Shortino: Lead Vocals; Javier Vargas: Guitars; Tim Bogert: Bass, Vocals; Carmine Appice: Drums & Percussion, Vocals; Tim Mitchell: Keyboads, Backing Vocals.
After the triumphant return of King Kobra with their self titled album released earlier this year, the team seems to be up for any musical challenge/experimentation that may come their way. This time Paul Shortino and legendary stick-master Carmine Appice join forces with talented up-and-coming Spanish blues/rock guitarist Javier Vargas while reuniting with veteran bassist Tim Bogert. The outcome of this musical union is JAVIER VARGAS, TIM BOGERT, CARMINE APPICE Featuring PAUL SHORTINO. Clearly the project is modeled after the classic Beck, Bogert & Appice album of 1973, this time centered on Javier Vargas, without resuming the power trio formation since Shortino lays the vocals on the entire album. A look at the track-list certifies that VBA is indeed a covers-album of classic rock hits. Predictable as it seems, covering such classics as “Parisienne Walkways,” “You Keep Me Hanging On” and “Surrender” is quite the musical bet for any artist as criticism and comparisons are inevitable. In terms of musical approach, VBA is far more rocking an album that one would expect. The label blues-rock suits them perfectly with the rock aspect often obscuring the busier side. Musically, VBA has little in common with Beck, Bogert & Appice which only makes sense considering the nearly 40-year gap separating the two albums. Instead VBA leans more towards the sound of the latest King Kobra release, perhaps a bit smoother in terms of performances due to the bluesy vibe. Songs like Deep Purple’s “Speed King” and AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” are far too obvious choices, having been covered excessively by various artists do not leave a lasting, or any, impression. On the other hand “Set Me Free” is a monument of a performance where the full quartet shines and Shortino in particular who sings the song as if it was his own, add to that the horns section and you have a track that alone makes the album worthwhile. “Surrender” is another great delivery being probably the most melodic song on offer where Paul sings in a range higher than his usual making it easily the most exciting tune on VBA. Unfortunately “Parisienne Walkways” does not work as well, as Paul seems to be struggling to stay on top of it, while the guitar parts do not bring any ‘feeling’ into the song. Conclusively VBA is a quality blues-rock album, baring its fare share of artistic ups and downs; it can sound rather bland and uninteresting on certain tracks while it very well may amaze the listener on others. If you are a fan of the new King Kobra and Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus Project, VBA is expected to work best from you.
DVD & CD1 Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Double Clear Tray Includes 16-Page Booklet Plus CD2 Issued In A Gatefold Cardboard Sleeve And All Items Housed In A Hardback Clamshell Box.
Manufactured In The EU.
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