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- San Juan Music Group/United Audio Entertainment (NT) Ltd.- 5021364951727- 100 grn
This CD starts right off in 5th gear with the current Hatchet lineups version of FreeBird. Charlie Daniels opens the lyrics and first verse, Hatchet frontman Phil McCormack joins Charlie for a duet at "And this Bird you cannot change" , and then Phil does a standup job of singing the remainder of the lyrics. Guitarist Hlubeck and Ingram battle for the dual-harmony leads during the instrumental rave-up. This is a fresh take on Allen Collins original lead break of the Skynyrd version. Another standout cut is expectedly from Skynyrd original members ED KING and ARTIMUS PYLE's take on Double Trouble. Vocalist Thane Shearon (ex-COLD TRUTH) is a soulful singer and sings Ronnies vocals like they are meant to be sung. With passion! He doesnt copy RVZ persona and sing every inuendo, however he does not stray too far from the original. This guy is a fantastic vocalist and also sings on Artimus' solo CD "Artimus Venemous" released 2007. Ed King plays slide on it, instrumentally the song is not a 100% knockoff of the original Skynyrd release. Ed's slide did not appear on the original version, however if he was still with the early Skynyrd lineup this is maybee what Ed would have done on the record. Just the "right" touch, Ed is a master of fills and chunky lead breaks. Additionally Jo Jo and Leslie sing the backing female vocals (original surviving Honketts). The CD has no weak spots, however depending on your personal taste some of the tracks vocals are not delivered with the same chops delivered by the late Ronnie Van Zant or even cousin Jimmie Van Zants Skynyrd tribute. Case in point, "Whats Your Name" vocally is tacky, and Great Whites version of "Saturday Night Special" fails to deliver the correct lyrics in the first verse and sorta "American Idols" his way through it. (You'll need to buy it to pick it out!!) However, it rocks. Gimme Three Steps is delivered with true Southern Rock driven passion. Gimme Back My Bullets jams out a fresh take with a hard edge to it, and a minor drum solo similar to Johnny Van Zants early bands live "No More Dirty Deals" back in 1980. This is a solid CD, and yes it will sound great in your Harley Road Glides in dash CD player and HogTunes speakers!
Replica From Original Holland Edition.
Issued In A Standard Jewel Case With Clear Tray Includes Six Page Foldout Inlay.
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