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John Lee Hooker- I’M IN THE MOOD- 3 CD Set- 1999- I.M.C. Music Ltd.- 8712177036264- 700 grn
John Lee Hooker was always John Lee Hooker, and although one could place him with professional session musicians and smooth his sound out just the slightest bit, the raw, rough, and eternally churning boogie rhythms of Hooker's approach to the blues were always right there, front and center.
With his country blues rhythms and approach, John Lee Hooker did as much as anyone to bring the country blues into the urban landscape without any heavy alteration. He was John Lee Hooker no matter what setting he was put in, and if there was a repeated shuffle pattern to what he did, it worked so well that it hardly mattered. 42 tracks from the late blues legend including 'I'm In The Mood', 'Hobo Blues', 'Crawlin' Kingsnake', 'Wednesday Evening Blues', 'Boom Boom' & 'Blues Before Sunrise'.
It's Hooker being Hooker - and that's a good thing.
Each CD Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Black Tray Includes Insert And All Items Housed In A One-Side-Closed Cardboard Slipcase.
Made In Portugal.
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