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Adriano Celentano- LE ROBE CHE HA DETTO ADRIANO- CD- 1969/2002-
- Clan Celentano S.r.l./Sony Music Entertainment (RUS)- 4606817012401- 150 grn
LE ROBE CHE HA DETTO ADRIANO ("Things Adriano talks about") is a 1969 album by Italian singer and film actor Adriano Celentano, released on Clan Celentano. After the lack of success in the Italian chart of the previous album "Adriano Rock" (1968), Celentano returned to the former "formula" of compiling records, which was used in the albums of the early years. The album LE ROBE CHE HA DETTO ADRIANO consisted of previously released songs from 1966-1968 and six new songs from 1969. The album includes one of Celentano's most famous and successful songs - "Storia d'amore", which took 1st place in the Italian charts in 1969. Also, two more songs of the album were included in the chart - "La Storia di Serafino" and "Lirica d'inverno", which took 3rd and 8th positions, respectively. The album peaked at number 14 on the Italian chart in 1970. The selection of songs on the album is represented by the genre of pop music, it looked at four areas that are present in the subsequent work of Celentano. The theme of love is the songs "Storia d'amore", "Lirica d'inverno" and "Straordinariamente". The theme of God is the songs "Chi era lui", "L'uomo nasce nudo" and "La pelle". The theme of a caring attitude to nature is the songs "La storia di Serafno", "Il ragazzo della via Gluck", "Una festa sui prati", "Se sapevo non crescevo" and "Un bimbo sul leone". The theme of politics is the songs "Napoleone, il cowboy e lo zar" and "Mondo in mi 7a". The album was recorded by I Ribelli, arranged by Detto Mariano, Iller Pattacini, Nando De Luca and Roberto Negri. The song "La storia di Serafino" became the soundtrack to Pietro Jermy's film "Serafino" (1968), starring Celentano. Special among the new songs of the album was "La pelle" ("Skin"), which was written in connection with folk performances and demonstrations in Italy in 1968-1969. In the song, Celentano raised the issue of poverty and called the skin the only "clothing" of man, which he inherited for free from God. Celentano explained that people on both sides of the barricades felt the same way about what was happening to their skin - thus Celentano called for non-violence between them. The song was later called one of the communist ones in Celentano's work. Initially, the album was released on LP only in Italy. A remastered reissue of the album has been released on CD since 1987. The CD re-release of the 1995 album also included the 1970 song "Se sapevo non crescevo" ("If I Knew, I Wouldn't Grow Up") as a bonus track. All new songs of the album were released as singles in Italy - "Lirica d'inverno", "La storia di Serafino", "Straordinariamente", "Storia d'amore", "L'uomo nasce nudo" and "La pelle".
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Clear Tray Includes 12-Page Booklet.
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