Deep Purple- DEEP PURPLE

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Deep Purple- DEEP PURPLE- CD- 21.06.1969(US)/01.09.1969(UK)/01.01.2006-
- HEC Enterprises Ltd./EMI Records Ltd./Комп Мюзік Лтд - 724352159727- 300 grn
DEEP PURPLE Remastered Collection.
2000 Remastered reissue of 1969 album with 5 bonus tracks. Deep Purple's self-titled third album sets itself apart from the previous two in the fact that "Shades of Deep Purple" and "The Book of Taliesyn" had been given attention on the strength of the hit remakes of songs `Hush' and `Kentucky Woman' (respectively), while this album did not yield a hit single. It doesn't quite fall into the "Album-rock" category either, due to the fact that the material did not receive enough airplay or limelight. It is also the last album before co-founders Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, and Ian Paice turned Deep Purple into a much more heavy metal-oriented band by the firing of Rod Evans and Nick Simper and the hiring of Ian Paice and Roger Glover. But "Deep Purple" is a fascinating album, and as DP scholar Simon Robinson's informative liner notes put it, "a stir to the imagination." As told in this remaster's copious liner notes, DP's first three albums were diluted by the success of their musical crossroads in 1970, with the release of the groundbreaking "In Rock" LP and the arrival of Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. Hopefully these lavish remasters will shed some light on these great albums. The bonus tracks here contain versions of a single, `Emmaretta,' and live or alternate versions of album cuts. "Deep Purple" is an essential piece, as tt was evident that one musical taste was going to defeat the other, and something had to give.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Black Tray Includes 12-Page Booklet.
Official Ukrainian Edition.
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