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Deep Purple- THE BOOK OF TALIESYN- CD- 01.10.1968(US)/01.06.1969(UK)/01.01.2006-
- HEC Enterprises Ltd./EMI Records Ltd./Комп Мюзік Лтд - 724352159727- 300 grn
DEEP PURPLE Remastered Collection.
2000 Remastered reissue of 1968 album with 5 bonus tracks. Most Deep Purple fans came about with Mark 2 (Ian Gillian on lead Vocals). But Mark 1 was pretty darn good (with Rod Evans on lead Vocals). And The Book Of Taliesyn is the best of the early Mark 1 stuff, But Shades Of Deep Purple rocks as well, Oh Heck I love em all. It has a 60's sound, but it rocks. We start with Listen, Learn, Read On and it rocks. The on to Wring That Neck is a jam and they use to stretch it out 15-20 minutes in concert. Then a good version (cover) of Kentucky Woman, never really like the song but there is a good musical section hear that is very nice. The on to a rocking cover of we can work it out with a cool intro called explosion. On to Shield, Anthem and a great cover of River Deep Mountain High (which would be done in 20 minutes versions live as well), witch finishes the original album. This re-mastered version sounds great, and has 5 bonus tracks. This is a must get for any DP fan.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Black Tray Includes 12-Page Booklet.
Official Ukrainian Edition.
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