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Neil Young & Crazy Horse- WELD- 2CD Box Set- 1991/1994/2001-
- Reprise Records/WEA International, Inc.- 075992667128- 500 grn
WELD is a live album by Neil Young and Crazy Horse released in October 22, 1991, comprising performances recorded on the tour to promote the Ragged Glory album. It was initially released as a limited edition three-disc set entitled Arc-Weld, with the Arc portion being a single disc consisting in its entirety of a sound collage of guitar noise and feedback. Arc has since been released separately. WELD is a Killer 2CD live set with Crazy Horse recorded in 1991 fts "Like A Hurricane" and "Cortez The Killer"!! Live Rust gets the most props, but if you're looking for a live document of Neil Young and Crazy Horse at their speaker-shredding, stage-scorching best, WELD is an absolute must-own. Fired up by the success of 1990's Ragged Glory, and outraged by the eruption of the Gulf War, Young and his cohorts attacked their 1991 tour like men on a suicide mission. An angry, gunshot-laced version of Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind" is the closest thing here to an acoustic reverie; the rest of the album offers up staggeringly intense electric versions of Neil songs both current ("Crime In The City," "Love To Burn," "Rockin' In The Free World") and classic ("Cortez The Killer," "Cinnamon Girl," "Powderfinger"). The back-cover photo of a disheveled Young cradling a broken-stringed guitar pretty much says it all - no one could have unleashed a sonic onslaught this brutal, and emerged unscathed from the experience.
PERSONNEL: Neil Young – guitar, vocals; Ralph Molina – drums, vocals; Frank "Poncho" Sampedro – guitar, Univox Stringman synthesizer, vocals; Billy Talbot – bass, vocals.
WELD, Neil Young's two-hour-plus double-CD chronicle of his 1991 Ragged Glory/Smell The Horse Tour with Crazy Horse, was received with only mild enthusiasm from Young's fans and rock critics, perhaps because it seemed redundant. Such warhorses as "Like A Hurricane" and "Cortez The Killer" were making their fourth appearances on a Young album, and the five songs from the Ragged Glory album were basically unchanged from their studio versions. Containing only 16 tracks, the album's songs averaged over seven and a half minutes in length, and that length was given over to extended guitar improvisations, which often were filled with feedback and distortion. Where Young's previous double live album, Live Rust, which bore some similarities to this one, was a career retrospective including some acoustic numbers, WELD was all electric rock with Crazy Horse. The one previously unreleased song was a Gulf War-era cover of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind," complete with gunshots and exploding bombs. In retrospect, WELD seems like an excellent expression of one part of Young's musical persona, putting some of his best hard rock material onto one album. Initially, WELD was released in a 25,000 copy limited-edition called Arc-Weld containing a third disc made up of guitar feedback and called "Arc."
Recorded Live From February Until April 1991 During North American ‘'Ragged Glory Tour’'.
Issued In A Standard Double Thick Jewel Case ('FATBOY' or FAT BOX) With Black Trays Includes Two Additional Four-Pages Booklets.
Made In Germany.
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