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Tom Waits- SWORDFISHTROMBONES- CD- 1983/1987/2001- Island Records Ltd.- 042284246927- 400 grn
SWORDFISHTROMBONES is the eighth studio album by singer and songwriter Tom Waits, released in September 1, 1983 on Island Records. It was the first album that Waits produced himself. Stylistically different from his previous albums, SWORDFISHTROMBONES moves away from conventional piano-based songwriting towards unusual instrumentation and a somewhat more abstract and experimental rock approach. The cover art is a TinTone photograph by Michael A. Russ showing Waits with the actors Angelo Rossitto and Lee Kolima.
PERSONNEL: Tom Waits – vocals, chair, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, harmonium, synthesizer, freedom bell; Victor Feldman – bass marimba, marimba, shaker, bass drum with rice, bass boo bams, Brake drum, bell plate, snare, Hammond B-3 organ, snare drum, bells, conga, bass drum, Dabuki drum, tambourine, African talking drum; Larry Taylor – acoustic bass, electric bass; Randy Aldcroft – baritone horn, trombone; Stephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges – drums, parade drum, cymbals, parade bass drum, glass harmonica; Fred Tackett – electric guitar, banjo; Francis Thumm – metal aunglongs, glass harmonica; Greg Cohen – bass, acoustic bass; Joe Romano – trombone, trumpet; Anthony Clark Stewart – bagpipes; Clark Spangler – synthesizer program; Dick Hyde, Bill Reichenbach Jr. – trombone; Ronnie Barron – Hammond organ; Eric Bikales – organ; Carlos Guitarlos – electric guitar; Richard Gibbs – glass harmonica.
Between the release of Heartattack and Vine in 1980 and SWORDFISHTROMBONES in 1983, Tom Waits got rid of his manager, his producer, and his record company. And he drastically altered a musical approach that had become as dependable as it was unexciting. SWORDFISHTROMBONES has none of the strings and much less of the piano work that Waits' previous albums had employed; instead, the dominant sounds on the record were low-pitched horns, bass instruments, and percussion, set in spare, close-miked arrangements that sometimes were better described as "soundscapes." Lyrically, Waits' tales of the drunken and the lovelorn have been replaced by surreal accounts of people who burned down their homes and of Australian towns bypassed by the railroad -- a world of misfits now have his attention. The music can be primitive, moving to odd time signatures, while Waits alternately howls and wheezes in his gravelly bass voice. He seems to have moved on from Hoagy Carmichael and Louis Armstrong to Kurt Weill and Howlin' Wolf. Waits seems to have had trouble interesting a record label in the album, which was cut 13 months before it was released, but when it appeared, rock critics predictably raved: after all, it sounded weird and it didn't have a chance of selling. Actually, it did make the bottom of the best-seller charts, like most of Waits' albums, and now that he was with a label based in Europe, even charted there. Artistically, SWORDFISHTROMBONES marked an evolution of which Waits had not seemed capable, and in career terms it reinvented him.
Issued In A Standard Jewel Case With Black Tray Includes 8-Page Booklet.
Matrix States 'Made In Germany By EDC'.
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