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AC/DC- LET THERE BE ROCK- CD- 1977/2003-
- J. Albert & Son (Pty.) Ltd./EPIC/Sony Music Entertainment Inc.- 5099751076124- 400 grn
International Version.
LET THERE BE ROCK is the fourth studio album by Australian rock band, AC/DC. It was originally released on 21st March 1977 in Australia on the Albert Productions label. A modified international edition was released on 25th July 1977 on Atlantic Records. It was the last AC/DC album to feature Mark Evans on bass. The Australian cover features the fingers of guitarist Chris Turner, from Australian band Buffalo. The cover of the international version, released in July 1977, marked the first appearance of the band's now iconic logo, designed by Gerard Huerta. The photograph used for the international cover was taken at a concert on 19th March 1977 at the Kursaal Ballroom, Southend, Essex, UK, by rock photographer Keith Morris. LET THERE BE ROCK is as lean and mean as the original lineup ever got. Shaved down to the bone - there are only eight tracks, giving this a lethal efficiency even with a couple of meandering jams - this is a high-voltage, brutal record, filled with "Bad Boy Boogie''. It has a bit of a bluesier edge than other AC/DC records, but this is truly the sound of the band reaching its peak. There's the near majesty of "Let There Be Rock", there's Bon Scott acknowledging with a wink that "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be", and then there's the monumental "Whole Lotta Rosie". Which gets down to a key thing about AC/DC. If Led Zeppelin were celebrating a "Whole Lotta Love", AC/DC got down to the grimy details in their leering tribute to the joys of sex with a plus-sized woman. And that's AC/DC's allure in a nutshell -- it's sweaty, dirty, nasty rock, music that is played to the last call and beyond, and they've rarely done that kind of rock better than they did here.
PERSONNEL: Bon Scott – lead vocals; Angus Young – lead guitar; Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals; Mark Evans – bass guitar; Phil Rudd – drums, percussion.
Bingo! One of the best Hard Rock albums of all time – get it!! From the opening riffs of ''Go Down'' and the squeals of Bon Scott's first words you just know that you are in for a right belter of mean, dirty rock from the real AC/DC. And do the band deliver or what? Yes they do, by the amp load. LET THERE BE ROCK is the full-length studio album by Australian hard/heavy rock act AC/DC was originally released in Australia through Albert Productions, but saw a modified (different cover artwork and modified tracklist) worldwide release through Atlantic Records. The original Australian version features the track "Crapsody In Blue", but it´s replaced by "Problem Child" on the international version. The latter had been featured on both the original Australian version and the International version of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" album. LET THERE BE ROCK is definitely one of the highlights of AC/DC´s seventies discography. The music on the album is delivered with such conviction, passion and love for hard rocking and über amplified bluesy rock´n´roll that you have to surrender completely. This is genuine and honest to the bone. Sweaty and hard edged bluesy hard rock riffing, a driving rythm section and Bon Scott´s rusty squall to top it all off. This is classic AC/DC when they are best. Packed in a powerful, warm and organic sound production, the music on LET THERE BE ROCK is presented in the best possible fashion and it´s actually very hard to find anything negative to say about the release.
This CD takes advantage of ConnecteD technology and will work as a key to unlock exclusive bonus music, videos, photos and more at www.acdcrocks.com.
Housed In A Foldout Digipak With Transparent Digipak-Disc-Mount On The Inside Cover And Includes 16-Page Booklet.
Made In The EU.
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