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Eric Clapton- RUSH: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack- CD- 14.01.1992/11.02.1998-
- Reprise Records/WEA International Inc.- 075992679428- 400 grn
You might remember this 1991 crime thriller starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, but we remember the score written and performed by Eric Clapton himself! Includes the tragic hit Tears In Heaven, Willie Dixon's Don't Know Which Way To Go featuring Buddy Guy on vocals, and more intensely emotional blues. RUSH is the soundtrack album for the 1991 film of the same name. Written and performed by Eric Clapton, the soundtrack album includes the song "Tears In Heaven," which won three Grammy awards in 1993.
PERSONNEL: Eric Clapton – guitar; Randy Kerber – keyboards; Greg Phillinganes – keyboards; Chuck Leavell – piano and organ; Robbie Kondor – synthesizer; Nathan East – bass; Tim Drummond – bass; Steve Ferrone – drums; Lenny Castro – percussion.
RUSH is an excellent dark blues score written by Eric Clapton (with help on the three songs) and performed by an augmented version of his band. This soundtrack album produced one big hit for Clapton with "Tears In Heaven," but it's a wonderfully intense piece of work all the way through, with some terrific guitar work from Clapton himself. Buddy Guy turns up to add lead vocals and guitar on the 11-minute version of Willie Dixon's "Don't Know Which Way To Go," and that's more than all right too. There's a very good chance that the dark intensity of this music was as much informed by the tragedies in Clapton's life ("Tears In Heaven" is about his son) as the film itself. Whatever the cause, this album has far more impact than you might expect from the score to a movie [there's a sense of the music here working something out in Clapton's heart, a sense given a lot of power thanks to the intense, heart-wrenching passion invoked by some of the turns taken here. At its best, Clapton's music can speak of the pain he feels] and Clapton has rarely been better than he is here.
Comes In A Standard Jewel Case With Black Tray Includes 8-Page Booklet.
Made In Germany.
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