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Jon Lord- CONCERTO FOR GROUP AND ORCHESTRA: Deluxe Edition- CD & DVD- 2012-
- Thompson Music/Edel Germany GmbH/earMUSIC- 4029759084020- 1200 grn
The orchestra sessions took place at Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, UK, on June 1st and 2nd, 2011, followed by two days of overdubbing at Abbey Road studios, London, on August 13th (with Jon lord and Bruce Dickinson) and on October 20th (with Kasia Laska, Steve Balsamo and Joe Bonamassa). On May 9th 2012, Steve Morse took a few hours off from working on the new Deep Purple album in Germany to revisit the final, while Darin Vasilev added his guitar to the first movement in Sofia and in London. Mixing took place at Abbey road with the brilliant Andrew Dudman over two days in late May 2012.
DELUXE EDITION (Edel): Officially known as the MEDIABOOK EDITION and limited to 3.000 copies, this includes the standard CD plus a documentary DVD and a 74-page book with unseen photographs from the recording sessions, Paul Mann‘s complete essay on the Concerto and Marco de Goeij‘s essay on how he recreated the Concerto.
Presented In A DVD-Sized 74 Page Hardcover Digibook With Plastic Clear Trays.
Made In Germany.
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